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  5. "Let's write music."

"Let's write music."

Translation:E haku mele kāua.

January 26, 2020



E haku mele kākou. works too.


If there is a composed vs write distinction in Hawaiian, this english translation should use compose for haku, yes?


I got the answer right, but i have way more difficulties with the English in DL than the Hawaiian. You don't write music you compose it. Unless you write it down on paper in musical notation, which to me we would be kākau. The composing is the creation in the mind.


You could translate haku as "create" as in art of any medium. Here's what wehewehe.org says: 1. vt. To compose, invent, put in order, arrange; to braid, as a lei, or plait, as feathers. The problem I have with the answer above is that in Hawaiian, mele refers to the words, not the music.

Here's my answer that got marked wrong: E haku puolo kakou.


This seems to use ‘haku mele” as a compound word. I wrote “E haku kaua i ka pila” or “… ke mele”. Both wrong. Why?

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