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  5. "There is a fire."

"There is a fire."

Translation:Tha teine ann.

January 26, 2020



if seo teine = here is a fire then why cant sin teine = there is a fire? (i understan tha teine ann as a fire exists but the english can go both ways) thanks!


sin teine would be like pointing at a fire you can see and saying "there is a fire". Tha teine ann is more descriptive.


This doesnt seem to explain why sin teine is wrong. It's not clear the english isn't someone pointing at a fire!


I make notes of the translations and I have "Sin taigh-beag" as being "There is a toilet". I understand that there's a difference between "Look! There's a toilet," and "Is there a toilet? Yes, there is a toilet" but that difference is not obvious here. Could not "Sin teine" be accepted as another possible answer here, rather than being marked wrong? I'll flag it up.


It gets worse. I answered Sinn taigh-beag for the toilet question, having had that as the correct answer in the past, and that is now wrong also. Mayhap Duo should include a Seall when the fire or toilet is being pointed out?

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