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  5. "I have a warm bedroom."

"I have a warm bedroom."

Translation:Tha seòmar-cadail blàth agam.

January 27, 2020



Confused as when to put Tha an or just Tha


I think it works this way:

"Tha seòmar-cadail blàth" - a bedroom is warm; literally, "is a bedroom warm"

"Tha seòmar-cadail blàth agam" - I have a warm bedroom; literally, "is a bedroom warm I have"

"an seòmar-cadail blàth agam" - my warm bedroom; literally, "the bedroom warm I have"

"Tha an seòmar-cadail blàth agam" - My bedroom is warm; literally, "is the bedroom warm I have"

So saying, "tha ... agam" is saying, "I have ... " but putting the definite article "an"/"am"/"an t-"/etc in front of it changes it to "my ... "


Almost! But:

  • Tha an seòmar-cadail blàth agam > I have the warm bedroom
  • Tha an seòmar-cadail agam blàth > My bedroom is warm

I do agree with all the rest though :)


Ah I see! Thank you!!

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