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  5. "Cò sibhse? Seòras agus Iain?"

" sibhse? Seòras agus Iain?"

Translation:Who are you? George and Iain?

January 27, 2020



I actually really like this speaker, it sounds very natural.


Me too! Sorry to see he received some negative comments in this lesson, totally undeserved I think.


Yes, I really like this voice too - reminds of my grandmother. She didn't speak Gaelic, but very much old Scots, with somehow the same kind of emphasis.


How can you translate this as George and Iain as given above? One of the names has been transliterated into English and the other hasn't.


I experimented with that. John is the translation of Iain. In a response involving Iain, I used John instead. It accepted it.


Is "Who are y'all" not an acceptable translation of the first part? It just makes sense for me personally since "sibhse" is a plural you in this case.


In most 'translate to English' questions, it's accepted to leave the personal names in the Gaelic spelling, but this individual question it's not. And the 'correct' translation as given is 'George and Iain.' Which is one in english and one in gaelic? Consistency is my complaint, more than either decision. Though I'd rather continue reinforcing the Gaelic names in my mind than translate them to English. (To explain the report I just made).


The reason is certain Gaelic names are now in English and remain with the Gaelic spelling but no longer translate to another name. So you have the anglicised Ian and the Gaelic Iain. Ian just means Ian where as Iain means John. However a lot of people now Use Iain simply as Iain.

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