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  5. "You are not buying trousers."

"You are not buying trousers."

Translation:Chan eil thu a' ceannach briogais.

January 27, 2020



I wish this app explained grammar


Look at the grammar notes in the forum, they are great!


If I use the tiles it only has an option for "a" and not " a' " but if I use the option to type the answer then it tells me "a" is a typo because it wants a'

This is probably related to duo's issues with punctuation, but it's still annoying


Why is "a" placed where it is in the sentence?


It's because a' ceannach is a verbal noun. You need both parts for it to mean 'buying'.


Why isnt the 'thu' moved to the end and turned into 'ort'?


Because ort means ON you. Chan eil briogais ort = trousers aren't on you/you don't have trousers on.


Since there doesn't seem to be a good explanation.. Thu doesn't turn into ort at all, it's just never there for the earlier sentences. It's always tha còta and orm is a verb referring to the subject later in tge sentence. For 'Tha còta orm', orm is what the còta (the subject, coat) is doing (being worn by the speaker). If you said tha mi orm you're saying you're wearing yourself which is... technically the truth?

Ort/orm means a person is wearing the subject and the word itself tells you who is doing the wearing. Tha còta orm = a coat is being worn by me = I'm wearing the coat (simplified)

Hopefully that makes sense and I'm not completely wrong about lyfe, which is statistically likely


FionaSparr1 -- i have the same question ^^^

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