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"Tha mi ag obair an-siud air tuathanas."

Translation:I am working over there on a farm.

January 27, 2020



"yonder" is accepted for "over there". Thanks!


That is great news. Most European languages have - or had - the three-way split

an-seo 'here'
an-sin   'there'
an-siud 'yonder'

This is valid old-fashioned English. Its only remaining use is translating things like this that do not have a neat translation into English otherwise. Historically, yonder is the only accurate translation for an-siud and corresponding words in other languages.


We still use "yon" in Scots - or sometimes "thon" - A widnae gan to yon bit efter derk" for example.


A didnae think o that as a dinna ken muckle Scots (A hope that's alricht).

That would be explained as a hangover from Old English by those that ignore Gaelic as an influence on Scots and English but I would have thought that generations of Gaels learning Scots would preserve the word necessary as a translation of an-siud.


Yes, "this", "that" "thon", where I come from, with "here", "there" and "ower there".

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