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Assigning skills to students

I've assigned a skill to my students in Spanish and some of my students can't see it. Is there anyway to get them to be able to do the assignment, short of having them complete all the other skills until it unlocks?

January 27, 2020



First pass, Sra_Lechler, and I know it sounds obvious: make sure they are in your class. I decided several years ago that my students had to use something that looked like their real name so that I could tell.

If they are in your class and still can't see the assignment, the next question is: Did you make the assignment before they joined?

If they joined before you made the assignment and they still can't see the assignment, post here again and I will forward your bug through the Educator's Network, which is a faster channel.

Good luck!


Thanks for the response! Yes, the student is in the class. I've been assigning the basic skills since August, but wanted to assign a more intermediate skill to practice the past tense that my students have been struggling with in class. I also made the assignment after he was in the class. Other members of his class have access to the skill, but one particular student doesn't.


I'll post this in the Educator's Network for you. This happened to me one time; it turned out that one of my students still had the old "Tree." I think if I recall correctly he had to re-download the app or refresh somehow. Hang tight, and I will get more eyes on this.

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