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Native Arabic speakers: I'm looking forward to making friendship with native Arabic speakers

I'm Brazilian, i speak English and Spanish (besides my native language, which is Portuguese) and now I'm learning Arabic.

Let's make new friendships and change knowledge. if you guys are up to, I can teach you Portuguese as well. in exchange you'll help me to learn Arabic faster.

I have Lebanese heritage and I want to get closer to my family roots by learning this beautiful language, and also the Arab culture which I think amazing.

January 27, 2020



I just started today.


هذه بدايه جيده ..... هل يمكنك اعاده ما كتبت بالعربيه ؟ وسوف اساعدك بالتأكيد


Hello Pedro, thank you for your kind words. I would be glad to help you learn Arabic faster. It’s a beautiful language but it’s a little tricky and needs lots of practice.


Marhaban, ismi Pedro, tasaraftu bimarifatki!

I just learned how to introduce myself today!

I still giving babysteps but I'm studying hard and soon I'll be speaking!


It's correct: tasharaftu bimarifatika.. That's very good, good luck for you.

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