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"navvam lughIDmeH nIqDob lupoQ."

Translation:They require a hole punch in order to perforate this paper.

January 28, 2020



This was a tile selection question for me. It gave me the option to say: "They WILL require a hole punch in order to perforate this paper." I thought this might be correct because the dropdown hint for lupoQ had the possible translation of "they are going to demand a _". Is there something I missed that would specify present tense instead of future tense?


The retry for this question didn't give me the option to select "will". So, of course I got it right.


I also got the type where I type in the whole translation, and it was still wrong. So it must be something I am not understanding correctly.


You weren't missing something, we were. Future tense versions had not been listed. Exercises for this sentence should now accept future tense translation (once the database updates, which could take a couple days).

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