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"Chan eil mise sgìth, a chàirdean. Tha sibhse sgìth!"

Translation:I am not tired, friends. You are tired!

January 28, 2020



The first phase is always denial!


I thought, that 'mise', 'thuse' and 'sibhse' are always used in the second part of the phrase, as an opposite to the first part, and now I'm confused bcs in the first part is used 'mise' as well instead of 'chan eil mi'. Why is that?

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Interesting to compare that with this: "Chan eil mi sgìth, tha thusa sgìth" - I am not tired, you are tired


Now that is a tongue twister! Try saying it quickly a few times.


Is it possible, that the use of "mise" in the first part instead of "mi" depends on to whom the question is directed, meaning 'mise' always with more than one person or with a formal adress?


I have the same question

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