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A Scottish Gaelic Duolingo Zeemap - Add Your Location!

Well, the map is frozen because we maxed out the free views. Does anyone know of a truly free option for a group map?

You may need an account, but it's free. Click on Additions at the top, then add your DUOLINGO USERNAME and your location (country, state, city, whatever, but don't put your street address, for privacy reasons). I also posted this in the Scottish Gaelic Duolingo group on Facebook. https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=3689523

January 28, 2020



Of course, if you do it right, your marker is on your actual house...


Well, now I'll know where to go!


Not happening. Too much personal information that way. ;)


Explain, please? Your country is too much information?


There isn't a right way. I just typed in my town name, and the mark is on the town, while I live a good ways outside of it.


Hah. I just zoomed the map in and clicked. The idea of my marker not being on the actual spot doesn't sit with me. I actually swithered about which room in the house to indicate!


I couldn't decide whether to mark my writing chair, or my sitting in front of the fire chair. Important distinction as they are six feet apart. Finally settled on the former.


Nobody south of me and the nearest one about 2500 kms as the crow flies :)


Tried to go to the link but this is what it said: "Maximum visits allowed for maps without a paid plan is 100 visits. This map is currently frozen. To unfreeze, please Upgrade the account that owns this map to one of our paid plans for more visits. " :(


Well, that's a bummer. At $20 per month I'm not going to spring for a paid plan. Sorry!


So there are too many of us to make it feasible? A good thing actually. Thanks for your effort. Moran taing, a charaid (McC eile)!


It was absolutely the most terrific fun while it lasted. Down with the capitalists!


Yes it was, @junkming1!


Way too many. I have never run into the limit before so wasn't aware of it.


Great idea, thanks! Too bad it was frozen before I could add myself (sadface).

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