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Up yours, progress score!

Every so often I get a page saying "Up your Progress Score - Track how much you have improved since you scored 4.8!"

So I do it and no matter how well I think I've done, the next time the page appears it's exactly the same. No "Up" going on here at all. I don't even know if it's 4.8 out of 5 or 4.8%!

Anybody know how this works?

January 28, 2020



I think it's out of 5. From what I see on the forum, the scores seem to be a bit glitchy. Other people get stuck at 2. something or 3. something, so you're actually lucky with your 4.8. ;)


Thanks, I'll just ignore the score then! Maybe I fluked an early one.


I just ignore all scores. I'm not here to win points, be top of any league or tree. I'm here to learn a language, the rest is wiffle-waffle for the "must be liked"


Oh, I know. It's just weird to be presented with an opportunity to "up your score" which never ever changes no matter what you do.


You know, sometimes a quiz pops up, I take it, and then it ends and does not show me the score, and other times it does. I cannot figure out what the reason is.


Sorry to ask, at which level does this appear? I have finished 8 courses now and never had this pop up?


It's only available for people with duolingo plus.


It's quite handy, it kind of consolidates what you've just been learning, and you get another 10 points for doing it if anyone cares about that, but the actual scoring seems to be stuck or something.


If anyone is still interested, I have discovered that the "Progress Score" comes from doing a test that is a voluntary option (possibly only on Plus). I did it for the second time a few days ago and got 4.9, and now all these "improve your progress score" messages exhort me to get it above 4.9. (I presume I must have got 4.8 the first time I did it.)

But if you accept the offer, you simply get the next lesson, not another test, and it doesn't do anything to the "Progress Score" against your name. Hey-ho.

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