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  5. "Children go to school."

"Children go to school."

Translation:बच्चे स्कूल जाते हैं।

January 28, 2020



A friend told me that school it could be also "vidiyalay "


Correct. विद्यालय (pronounced vidhyaalay) is also a word for school though it is somewhat formal. You'll often find it in the names of schools though not so much in casual conversation.

Another word for school is पाठशाला (pathshaalaa).

स्कूल is still the most common word you'll encounter in casual conversation though.


It could be vidhyalaya and pathshala except school


Why do we need the "hein" at the end? Cannot be just "bachche school jate"?


No. Almost all present tense sentences require a हैं in Hindi which marks a sentence as being in the present tense. The exceptions are negative sentences with नहीं and sentences using चाहिए

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