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  5. "Brilliant, Niall!"

"Brilliant, Niall!"

Translation:Sgoinneil, a Nèill!

January 28, 2020



Leading up to this answer Niall was the Gaelic spelling- but I have a spelling error saying it should be Nèill???


Perhaps because it is the vocative version of Niall.


Niall is the nominative-accusative of the name, the basic form used as the subject or the object of a sentence, so eg. tha Niall ann Niall is there, chì mi Niall I see Niall, etc.

But the vocative is a Nèill, so to address Niall you say a Nèill eg. in dè as toil leat, a Nèill? what do you want, Niall?

Masculine nouns often form plurals by changing their last consonant to a slender one (marked by i before the consonant, like in ill) and vowel change to more fronted one (eg. a to è like here) – a process called attenuation or slenderization, see Masculine nouns on Akerbeltz wiki.

And compare eg. each a horse, (a) eich (oh) horse!; balach a boy, a bhalaich (oh) boy!.


math fhein = brilliant = sgoinneil


I do get a bit fed up with spelling as I know I'll never want to read or write it Just want to have simple conversation with my grandchildren! Rant over!

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