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How do I learn all there words?

Hello, dear people of Duolingo. I am struggling with learning Arabic vocabulary. Normally when I study Swedish or Russian I can easily store the words in my head, buy that doesn't work here. I've tried making a list on Memrise for all the new words I am learning, but I can still only recall 7 out of 20 words after hours of seeing them. Is there a method you propose?


January 28, 2020



Hi.. I think Arabic depends on pronunciation. If you have a new word you can spell it simply and easily too. So, when you've saved a word. Just write it letter by letter.. Uh, I don't think that I'm helping.. You know what I mean.. Just if you already learnt the alphabet and vowels, by repeating and time you'll save them, hope you talking like a native in the future, I'm sure! And then I'll be happy practice your Arabic with me:)


Thanks! Should I type it with an Arabic keyboard or should I write it down on paper?


As a beginner it'll be better to write on a paper, so you save faster, and also be familiar with Arabic writing..

Arabians in schools always have a writing textbook with the Arabic subject until finishing elementary school, then they don't have in intermediate because they now know how to write anything.

If you need anything else, I'm here:)


Have you tried a website called quizlet?


Use flash cards maybe?


You could try using tiny cards by Duolingo. It will help you remember them as you create each flash card. Not only this, but you can add images and descriptions if that will help you (photographic memory).


I know that learning a new languages might be frustrating for the first time, try to learn simple basic words with examples and then you can move to harder vocabulary.

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