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  5. "Tha mi a' cumail seo."

"Tha mi a' cumail seo."

Translation:I am keeping this.

January 28, 2020



Course is brilliant, but some pronounciations are unrecognisable, thus causing confusion!!


What do you mean by 'unrecognisable'? The pronunciation of this sentence sounds perfect to me. I know most of the speakers who recorded audio have different accents, but none of them are unintelligible.


I can differentiate between different accents, but this sentence is just too quiet


Try it with headphones.


My comment is not a crticism, but what I mean is that I have lived a long time among native Gaelic speakers and sung in senior Gaelic choirs and despite that I sometimes do not grasp what is being said due to clear differences in pronounciation!!

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