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" a th' ann? 'S e aran milis a th' ann."

Translation:What is it? It is shortbread.

January 28, 2020



Try as I may, I cannot hear the " 'S e" in the source text. I know it must be there, and I understand why, but it seems to have been swallowed beyond redemption. Is that just how life is in Gaelicworld, I wonder :D


It was the "a" between dè and th'ann I couldn't hear - I suppose I should have known it was there, but no matter how often I listen I can't hear it. And there's still a crackle right on top of 's e, again one should, I suppose know it should be there.


Ah that was a broken audio file! I've disabled it for now, but it might still turn up.

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