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  5. "Torg is tall."

"Torg is tall."

Translation:woch torgh.

January 29, 2020



I know the pronoun can often be dropped in klingon, but why is woch ghaH torgh incorrect? would is have to be woch ghaH torgh'e'? or should it be 'oH? are all of these wrong?


woch be tall is a verb. Klingon has no adjectives; verbs play that role.

As a verb, woch works just like any other Klingon verb: the subject comes after it. woch torgh Torg is tall.

Don't get this confused with saying that one noun is another noun. torgh ghaH He is Torg. torgh ghaH HoD'e' The captain is Torg. You use pronouns this way only when you're identifying nouns. Notice that there are no verbs in either of those Klingon sentences.

woch ghaH torgh is wrong because you've got two subjects: ghaH and torgh. A verb only takes one subject: either woch ghaH he/she is tall (and you can usually drop the pronoun, leaving you with just woch he/she/it/they is/are tall) or woch torgh Torgh is tall.

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