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How do you read Arabic with having no vowels in newspapers or magazines?

January 29, 2020



It's jst easy like tht, ignore shrt vowels and write lng ones
You could read the above and understand it, because u already know the language, same goes in our language, we know it so we can read it without vowels


I don't speak Arabic but I'm wondering what this question means? I just started learning it here, and have heard it spoken, there are definitely vowels!


Look at Arabic movies, newspapers, or magazines and you see there are no diacritical marks (shows you how to pronounce a word). In fact Hebrew also shows no long or short vowels in their printed word.Arabic is abjad alphabet which means it uses a 3 letter root system; sometimes 4 root system of consonants and then you add the diacritics marks. All the comments I see on line or on the web states that it will become easy to read and understand without the accents.


Short Vowels are not written in arabic
Sth that is called tashkeel , which is a small sign on the letter that makes us pronounce a short vowel after it


Arabic vocabulary has a limited set of patterns it uses for vowels and consonants, especially with verbs and adjectives. It is much more consistent than English about this so once you learn the root system it becomes relatively easy to guess the pronunciation of most words. When youre a beginner though it is very hard.


Basically you have to just know the words and figure it out (already having in mind what the diacritics are from practice)

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