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Inconsistency in pronunciation. Am I going mad?

I have to ask, anybody who is very well versed in Arabic, is there such variation in how one can pronounce vocabulary that I should learn everything? Or, is there such inconsistency in the voices of the course that confusion isn't surprising?

Two voices that test my comprehension of "Waa" and "Waa" but one says it like "wah" and the says it like "wii"

Is this an issue anybody has faced or are my ears so busted that I just hear completely different pronunciation? I'm tired of getting the matches wrong over and over. :( :( Sad face.

January 29, 2020



Hi.. Let me make it simple.. There's alphabet for Arabic you know right? .. Each letter has 3 sounds aa (fat ha), ii (kasra), uu (damma). OK?

I'll give you the letter Jeem for example. جَ (J+ fat ha= Ja), جِ (J+ kasra= Ji), جُ (J+ damma= Ju)

So that's for all letters, and your case now is the letter Waw




Now, do you understand? .. Keep the good work:)


Hello there, In Arabic there is 3 different pronunciation for every single letter depending on التشكيل. It’s like if you put an axon on a letter in French it will change the sound of that letter. For example: letter و could be waa or wii or woo. Letter م could be maa or mii or moo... same for every letter.


Thank you for this reply, I have also been wondering this as well as hearing something that sounds like "atun" or "atoon" when it is not actually written in what is being read. It seems to be some sound that is being made to divide words that are being said? I have no idea. Thanks for your help


Ha ha I am fluent in Arabic and I'm not being mean but I kinda laughed when you said this , as I totally understand your problem. So um yeah , like @lolo.ms said there is tashkeel. This is why you need to learn it especially or things will get difficult. So if for example I write (wii) - I don't think you can see clearly as I copied this off as I don't have an Arabic keyboard but there will be a little line underneath indicating kasra : it will look like وِ Ihope it all works out and good luck. adios Buenos noches


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