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A New Review

I've thought up a new kind of review called "The Wordmill", like a treadmill of words. You answer a question, and try to get as many right before you get three wrong. Each correct question gives one skill point, and then you can do like 100 questions without having to go back and press the practice button over and over.

April 29, 2013



I like the idea but I do not like the minimum words wrong is 1 but maybe if it was 3 words wrong, I would totaly dig this new "Wordmill" idea because timed practice is very short


This idea sounds great, I think a gaming aspect is good for learning as we would try to beat our previous scores. I'm not a massive fan of the timed feature as i'm not the quickest typist, having said that, my typing skills have improved lately as well as my Spanish. Duolingo is fantastic - I'm hooked!


Space Race~esque

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