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Thanks out to Duolingo staff and coders for all the new approches to all the current languages. :D

I remember all these other sites I went to to learn french and none of them worked for me. But with this new and all ways improveing site my old frnch grade in the D's and rarly F's has jumped to a C and B. I just wated to thank you ALL today because without you I'd still be draging in the dirt. (now I can pass my french this year :D! :D! <- extra cause I'm Very Happy To haveing a Chance to PASS!!! :D!)

April 29, 2013



Congrats!=D Stories like yours are what motivate us to keep working hard for you:)


Same. I'm really glad DuoLingo exists. If I had this as a tool when I was in High School I wouldve taken french all 4 years like I wanted instead of switching to my native spanish to make better grades.


This is awesome to hear! Duolingo makes the process of learning another language fun and interesting. I'm sure that with a lot of motivation and a little effort you will boost your grades even higher. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your progress. It makes me want to spend more spare time on Duolingo.


Great job FrenchBalance=D


thank you duolingo


I really really wish Duolingo existed when I had to take French in high school. I'm very lucky I learned of its existence several months before moving to Quebec, though!


:D thats a interesting story


I'm enjoying Duolingo too. I've just been away for a week without any internet access and I really missed my daily sessions.


well then you have a lot to get caught up on :D good luck and i hope you can learn your language :D

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