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  5. "The women are not sleeping."

"The women are not sleeping."

Translation:Feminae non dormiunt.

January 29, 2020



Why sunt is not included? Like 'feminae non dormiunt sunt.'


Latin doesn't make a distinction between simple present ("they sleep") and present continuous ("they are sleeping"). The verb dormiunt can correspond to either meaning.


I had the same question, thank you for addressing this confusion. Even after a year, your advice is still useful to future Latin students!


I thought that sunt hsd to be included every time the word "are"was in the sentence. So now I know that we dont have to in the present continuous instance.


Many common verb forms in Latin, including all the ones Duolingo currently covers, are a single word (with various fun endings to remember depending on the tense/voice/aspect). They don't need auxiliary verbs like the "are" in "they are sleeping" or the "have" in "I have eaten", so you don't have to translate those literally from English.


I don't understand when sunt is included and when it isnt. I get it backwards evey single time-when i include it, its wrong. I just left another one exactly like this and included it but it was wrong and then asked about it in the discussions because there was another just before it like this where i did not include it but it was still wrong. Really frustrating that i don't understand when and when not to use it. Only responses i get from legitimate questions i ask are downvotes for some sad reason.

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