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Jumping Point To Learn Punjabi

I am nearly done with Hindi tree.

Started to learn some Punjabi from here, http://www.elearnpunjabi.com/. This is taught by language department, Punjab University

While some say this Hindi course is incomplete, it can be used as jumping point to learn languages of the same family.

Just my 2 cents

January 29, 2020



Why do you think this course Is incomplete?


There are threads from people claiming it is incomplete.

Me, I would like more guidance on how to pronounce letters. In some Gurumukhi letters, you exhale for one letter, while inhale for another. There are subtle differences in sound.

Also, grouping of letters. In Gurmukhi there are grouping of letters based on pronunciation.

What about stories in Hindi? That would enhance hearing comprehension.


I’d love to learn! So far I am doing okay with Hindi...I would need to learn the Gumurkhi script...


It may be easier to learn Gurmukhi script. There are 35 logically organized letters.


Hi Priya! Sorry I didn’t answer for so long! Would love to look into Gurmukhi!


Is this free or does it cost?

Just asking

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