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  5. "This is really short."

"This is really short."

Translation:Tha seo gu math goirid.

January 29, 2020



How to place 'seo' in a sentence? So far I have; "Seo flat" (this is a flat). "Tha seo gu math goirid" (this is really short) "Tha an taigh seo dearg" (this house is red). "Is toil leam an dealbh seo" (I like this picture). "Tha balla aig an taigh seo" (this house has a wall) 'Seo' seems to dance around in different positions and I can't make rhyme or reason of it - fhathast! ;) Any guidance most welcome, tapath leibh!


Here's my take, for what it's worth. If 'seo is used independently as a subject or object ie implying 'this thing', then it behaves like any noun. Tha seo math ; this (thing) is good, etc. If it is used adjectivally ie ' this house' then it comes after the noun, like most adjectives, and the noun takes the definite article: 'an taigh seo', 'an dealbh seo'. The exception seems to be the first example you gave - Seo flat (this is a flat), which seems to omit any verb 'to be'. I suppose this should really be 'Is seo flat', or maybe even 'Is seo flat a th' ann'. Maybe it was once said like this but over time has been shortened. As ever I look forward to being corrected...


Is it normal to put 'gu math' in front of the adjective? It seems odd to me? :S


Where else would it go? Are you confusing it with gu mòr, "a lot"?


I am really confused. I have been marked wrong in other examples for using 'tha seo' for this is and now I have been marked wrong for NOT using 'tha' before 'seo'. How do you know when to use 'tha seo' and when just 'seo' for 'this is'. I certainly have not been able to make out any rule for this, if there is one.


See Silmeth's reply at this link which explains it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36032793


Glè vs gu math?


Let's not forget cho. I assume we'll get to "too" at some point.

I think the basic difference between the usages is degree in severity of, in this case, the shortness.


My correction here says ghoirid, not goirid... help me understand which is correct?


I'd draw the Mods' attention to that. I think that's just a mistake if that's what you're seeing.


Did you write glè instead of gu math? It would be "glè ghoirid" in that case, not "glè goirid" :)


Good thought! I recall I just went for gu math, but I will check.


Previous moderators have stated "seo" at the beginning of the sentence implies "this is". But not here apparently...... Too simplistic?


I think begining a sentence with 'seo' is for you're introducing something rather than describing it.
'Seo lamh' = this is a hand
'Tha seo cuideachail' = this (implied thing) is helpful
'Tha an lamh seo cuideachail' = this hand is helpful.


Is gu dearbh not an exclamation. "Tha seo gu math goirid. Gu dearbh!'


Is 'gu dearbh' not a more appropriate translation for 'really'.


Why is "gu math" in front of "goirid"? I assumed "really" modified "short" and would fall after "short".


I wondered the same thing, but then I asked myself 'what is really short? This is.' So doing, I realized that "gu math" is modifying "seo", thus it comes after "seo" and before "goirid".

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