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Arabic : It's not necessary to write the diacritic...

It's not necessary to write the diacritic over the letter before (ـا) or (ا) or (ـة) or (ة) - because this diacritic is always (fat7ah) - the diacritic corresponding to the vowel (a)

examples :

بِداية - نِهاية - وَسيلة - طَريقة - حَديقة - غابة - وَرْدة - لَيْلة - نَبْلة - هِرَّة - كُرة - حَلْقة - سَماء - بِناء - رَجاء - داء

January 29, 2020



I have a question, in Duolingo كُرة will be read as "kura", but isn't supposed to be "kurah"?


Yes indeed. But nowadays that h sound of the ة is weakened and many people do not pronounce it. Nevertheless, if you want to speak good Arabic and to sound eloquent, you have to pronounce it.

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