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  5. "Ubi student filii tui?"

"Ubi student filii tui?"

Translation:Where do your sons study?

January 29, 2020



why "where are studying your sons" isn't recognized?


That's not a correct word order in English. The sons are the subjects and cannot go after the verb. Your sentence makes it sound like the sons are being studied.


Thanks, I understand better now!


is it studet or student? In the previous lessons studet referred to studying. Please elucidate.


Both are used. The difference in ending represents a change in number.

studet is the third person singular form (present active indicative).

e.g. Ubi studet filius tuus? -> "Where does your son study?"

Marcus studet. -> "Marcus studies."

student is the third person plural form (present active indicative).

e.g. the give Duolingo sentence

Marcus et Livia student -> "Marcus and Livia study."


I thought the verb (student) had to go at the end. Is it flexible?


The verb at the end is common but Latin has fairly flexible word order. The different orders will emphasize different parts of the sentence.


Is tui vs tuae a gender difference? Or something else? I see tuae used with filiae and tui used with filii (and it's easy to remember cause they rhyme) but I don't know what the reason for this usage is.


Yes, it is due to the grammatical gender. Adjectives match the nouns they modify in gender, case, and number.


Thank you! I ended up learning this in the Where lesson notes earlier today, but I'm really grateful for your quick and helpful response :) this has been said so many times, but they really should put the lesson notes on mobile. it's so stupid that they don't


Yes, it is annoying that the app doesn't have the notes. You maybe able to see the notes if you do Duo through a web browser on a phone or tablet, but I am not sure.

You can also go to Duome and see all the notes: https://duome.eu/tips/en/la

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