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Broken Lesson

I am using the english to hindi course, and I am stuck at the third lesson because there is a broken "matching question" where it asks me to match तु to "tu", but even after having gotten all other matches correct, I cannot pair the two up. I am stuck and cant move forward in the course. Does anyone know how I can bypass it?

January 29, 2020



Quite a few people seem to have this bug for the Letters lessons on the app and I believe a fix is still in the works. You can report the bug here with the screenshot.

Until its resolved, I think the only workaround is to clear the problematic lessons on the web version. You can also use duolingo.com on your phone's browser to clear them.


yeah 3rd and 4th letter lessons are broken i sent many feedback emails with screenshots but still nothing... it has been like this for long time now....

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