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How many lessons are there in the Latin from English course?

I'm trying to space things so I finish by the end of the year. I'm just not sure how to calculate how many total lessons there are in the latin course.

January 30, 2020



BilboBaggins, do you know about the duome.eu website? It will tell you how many total lessons there are, how many more there are to do, and the expected date that you will finish the various language trees that you are working on.

The link for your page is https://duome.eu/BilboBagginsIII.


This is great! Doesn't quite answer my question, but it gets me a lot of the way there.


Duome says, that my progress now is "Lessons: 12/81". It means, that there are total 81 lessons in the whole Latin Course.


There's around 100 crowns available alone, and multiple lessons per crown, so that doesn't seem right.


It is true: the count of Crowns is more than the Lessons count.
Well, here is some info about my Latin course:
- Crowns: x/110;
- Skills: x/22;
- Lessons: x/81;
- Lexemes: x/538;
Why don't you look at your progress?

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