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Votes up and down and the comment order.

I noticed that when a comment is voted up it moves up. but some thimes the comments are in a order and when you read throught the comments they are out of order if this had a tab to put it is time lapse and ranking i belive this problem would be solved and the disscussions would be easier to read. Take a look at the disscussion before this named "thanks"

April 29, 2013



You can use the "Reply" button if you want to ensure that your comment is read as a reply to the previous comment. It will appear as nested underneath the previous comment, regardless of voting.


not all my comments are put under the other comments, and are rather hidden.


You're right; you're no longer able to reply when the amount of nested replies is too high. olimo actually opened a discussion about the same problem: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/361719

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