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  5. "My teeth are very wobbly."

"My teeth are very wobbly."

Translation:Tha m' fhiaclan glè chugallach.

January 30, 2020



I just read that right off as "my teeth are gey shoogly." Glè chugallach - gey shoogly.

I had no idea!


There are a few things like that in the course aren't there! I've been wondering if there is a connection between beul and 'beeling', or between sgioblachadh and 'skivvy'.


Could you use "gu math" here instead of glè?


Would nouns that have a constanant after the F use mo instead of m'?


I think it's that fh is silent, so fhiaclan sounds like "iaclan", it starts with a vowel sound even though it's spelled with two consonants. So because it starts with a vowel sound, it follows the same rules as words that start with a vowel (I'm sure there's more rules like grammatical gender and that as well).

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