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Difficulty navigating; students claim they can't see assignments


I am giving duolingo another try for my students. Still, I am finding that it is awkward getting to the class I just created. Also, it seems as though there will likely be problems still with students not seeing the assignments I create. How are students supposed to see the assignments that I create?

January 30, 2020



Students also receive notification via email about assignments.

If there are issues with this, let me know and I'll reach out to you for a one on one to investigate.


On the web portal: https://schools.duolingo.com

I heard the mobile apps do not support this yet.



Students cannot see anything on https://schools.duolingo.com/ because this web portal is only for teachers, who have created classrooms.



Oh, thanks for letting me know.

I do not have multiple test accounts and I only clicked the teacher button in 2017 (and temporarily lost my A/B tree because of this).

Quote: Students cannot see anything on...

I somehow just tried to sum 1 + 1 as I actually see a 2nd "Student button" on the sub domain website so I thought it would maybe auto login accounts as student and show this school stuff (as to be expected).

I guess I was wrong then, sorry.
So developers tricked me quite a bit :-)

Instead of it probably will then simply show individual "progress sharing" information for a registered classrooms on the Home/Learn page of a "(registered) student account"??

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