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Yousef or Youssef?

Hi folks,

Nice to meet you all :)

I'm posting on behalf of a friend.

TL;DR: Friends have a new boy and they are trying to decide on the spelling of either Yousef or Youssef. They prefer Youssef but are concerned it'll make his life more difficult later on.

They have a new baby boy called Yousef/Youssef.

They live in the west and they are unsure of how to spell it in a way that will not make his life difficult. They're leaning towards a double S but they are concerned that it might give their son trouble in the future spelling his name over the phone etc. Like when he's spelling his name over the phone, he'll have to say "two Ss" or "double S" and they're concerned it might cause issues. Or even when not over the phone.

I thought it would be a good idea to check with others who may have prior experience. Do you have two letters in the middle of your Arabic name and live in the west? What's your experience been like? Would love your input.

Thanks in advance!!

January 30, 2020




By the way, Yusef يوسف is an Arabic name and it's pronounced in Arabic as "Yusef" .

If you made it "Yussef" there won't be two letters as يوسسف, no, it just will change the vowel from "se" يوسِف to "sse" يوسِّف.. I mean it will make the sound stronger, do you understand? and in Arabic it should be yusef not yussef..

However, some Arabian names have a specific written in English, so I checked out google translation and it wrote "Youssef" I think it's the correctest written for an real English written.. Hope it helps


My last name has a double set of letters (non-Arab), and I have grown up saying "double" or just repeating the letter twice. When you are actually spelling a name it seems people are hearing the letters one by one, and that's always been fine for me. It has made little difference when spelling it out. When people try to spell my first name on their own however, maybe one person in my entire life has ever spelled it correctly.

The main thing to consider might be how people would pronounce it when they see it written. With the double S, it might be pronounced with the "S" being stronger.

From my experience, the difference between one S and two S's would have little effect on the response or ease of the name in terms of spelling it out, if anything it may make a difference in how people expect it to sound when read.

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