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  5. "Càite a bheil thu, a Mhàiri?"

"Càite a bheil thu, a Mhàiri?"

Translation:Where are you, Mairi?

January 30, 2020



Sounds so much like “Càit a bheil thu a Mhàidich?”


I had trouble with the name at the end


"càit a bheil thu a Mhàiri".....response says "You have a typo. Càite......." Shouldn't both "càit" and "càite" be accepted as fully correct and not just reported as a typo?

Also, to report this, only gives me the following options.

"My answer should not be accepted. The audio does not sound correct. The Scottish Gaelic sentence is unnatural or has an error. The audio is missing. Something else went wrong."


If you had this as a 'Type what you hear' question, the only correct answer is what the audio says. Granted, it's pretty hard to tell the difference between "càit a bheil thu" and "càite a bheil thu", but apparently Gaelic speakers can.


To be honest, I don't remember what type of question it was.


Different kinds of questions have different options for reporting, I see. It used to be they'd allow you to write a comment. Why not try "something else went wrong"?


I thought in the notes from "Home", that the Gaelic Orthographic Conventions recommended it was now càit a bheil and that pronunciation is the same, regardless of spelling. I think the Càite version will be updated to reflect this. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Home/tips-and-notes

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