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Why I Can’t Learn Hindi

Ok so basically I can only speak English fluently, I learn French in high school and I try to speak Gujarati at home but I fail pretty badly. Now I’ve been trying at Hindi because when we go to India I want to be able to speak to locals. But it is proving very difficult because I have so many languages confuffled in my brain that I end up mixing them all up. I envy all you that can speak like 4 different languages because I can speak one solitary language and that’s it. ~Maahi Patel~

January 30, 2020



If you understand gujarati, look at the commonalities between hindi and gujarati grammar. The sentence structure is almost identical (at least formally) for a lot of things. If you speak Surti gujarati, though (guessing by your last name), that is a different story :).

Here is an example:

I like this game Mane a ramat game chhe (gujarati) Mujhe yeh khel pasand hai (hindi)

Mane = mujhe (to me) a = yeh (this) ramat = khel (game) game = pasand (enjoy) hai = chhe (is)

Almost identical.

It's not always this matched up, but once you make connections, both languages will be bahut aasan (very easy) to find comparisons with and summarily learn.


Thank you! I have been trying very hard I think I’ll try and do Gujarati first maybe. Also what is Surti Gujarati?


Just take it slowly. One language at a time. Also, make sure you nail down the grammar and remember the words you encounter.

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