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I don't want need to read and write, just speak and listen... any advice?

I'm here in India, learning Hindi. I really only want to have conversations in Hindi, learning to write/read the letters is not as useful for me. And as I go through the mini-skills, I get slowed down (and discouraged) by the questions that ask me to translate the written Hindi text. Is there any way to turn those types of questions off?

January 30, 2020

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Maybe duolingo is the wrong tool for what you want to do. There must be other (introductory) courses out there that use transliteration instead of devanagari.
Your question is similar to those of people looking for a Japanese course in romaji or a Chinese course in pinyin -- and the answer is the same: look outside duolingo, this is not the tool you are looking for.
Discussions on whether that is an effective method for learning the language are a separate matter.

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