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"Your husband is so fat, Morag!"

Translation:Tha an duine agad cho reamhar, a Mhòrag!

January 30, 2020



That's pretty rude!


Not as fat as your mom, Ealasaid!


Elsewhere there was a sentence "your wife is marvelous" which was translated "Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach". What's the difference?


For some reason, wives are regarded as inalienable but husbands are alienable. Similarly sons are inalienable but daughters are alienable. I have absolutely no idea why this is.

We're taught "mo charaid" but I swear I have heard "an cariad agam" or at least "na caraidean agam" on TV.


Whatever the books say, the rule about mo/agam is quite flexible. What Morag says is many people's experience, but not mine. Children are much more likely to use mo for a range of things (probably translating English my).

There is also a spectrum. At the mo end are the true inalienables - things that a court cannot stop being yours - blood relations, and things like shadows, personalities, heads, etc. Then comes non-blood relations such as wives and husbands, then friends and pets, then everything else at the agam end.

Then there is political correctness. I cannot imagine any school these days attempting to explain why you would have different rules for husbands and wives, different rules for sons and daughters. And I agree. There is absolutely no way I am going to refer to my son and daughter differently.

If anyone wants to add detail to this list, please do.


Ach, 's dòcha gur e an fhìrinn, mar is trice!


Thats really rude!


Only in cultures where obesity is seen as undesirable!

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