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  5. "A bheil tàirneanaich ann?"

"A bheil tàirneanaich ann?"

Translation:Is there thunder?

January 31, 2020



I know it may not be grammatically correct, but by ear there is an 'i'i sound right after the 'A bheil' which continually confuses the sentence structure for me


I agree. I got several of these repeatedly wrong until I finally just had to internalize the exception that when speaking fast, "a bheil X" sometimes just sounds like "a bheil i X" and I just have to stop and think whether it makes sense to put it there or not every time.

I guess that's just the way people say it.


It would be helpful if the pronunciation was slower


Why is there no "i" in front of tairneanaich


The way I understand it, because the meaning here is "is there thunder there?" and not "is it thundery?".

The "i" is that "it" referring to the weather.

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