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  5. "bIQIp'a'? ghobe'. jIval."

"bIQIp'a'? ghobe'. jIval."

Translation:Are you stupid? No. I am smart.

January 31, 2020



I've been told I was wrong for using i then also l for blqlp and biqlp and jlval and jival. So I'm still confused


bIQIp: lowercase bee, capital eye, capital cue, capital eye, lowercase pee.

jIval: lowercase jay, capital eye, lowercase vee, lowercase a, lowercase ell.

The font Duolingo uses is terrible for Klingon.

Capitalization of the Klingon transcription system is invariant. Each letter must always be the correct capitalization; never capitalize something that's supposed to be lowercase, and vice versa, even if the word starts a sentence or is a name. The two letters Q and q are different sounds, and only distinguished by their capitalization.

Duolingo lesson inputs are, unfortunately, case insensitive.


These fonts usually are not the best, and if you can change it to a better one, do so. But with the usual font the l (for leather) usually has a little curl at the bottom to distinguish it from an i (for india). Thus, the prefixes, consisting of a consonant then a vowel, will end in an i (for india). The verbs {qIp} (to hit) and {QIp} (be stupid) have an i (for india) in the middle. The verb {val} ends in an l for leather.

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