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"Parlare di queste cose è sempre utile."

Translation:Talking about these things is always useful.

July 8, 2014



"it's always useful to talk about these things" is marked wrong! That makes no sense to me. Surely the meaning is identical?


You kinda put the sentence backwards which isn't what they said. The same idea is resonating though.


"It is always useful to talk about these things" is a perfectly correct translation. The word order is not the problem. There are many such problems in Duolingo, but it is still a wonderful tool, and why complain about a free gift?


I cannot understand why they used the singular form "è" . For me the right answer should be: "Parlare di queste cose sono sempre utile" since "queste cose" is plural (These things). Can you help me with this guys?


Would you say "Talking about several things are ..."? No, because the subject of the verb is '"talking". Similarly with "Parlare". Even if you translate it as "To talk about many things is/are ...": you'd say "is", wouldn't you?


Thank you! I got it now! :)


I write always as "all ways" Duolingo didn't let me off, I understand why.


My answer is 'We are talking about these things being always useful'. I accept that it's wrong, but could someone tell me how you can say something like this in Italian?


is To speak of these things wrong and why

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