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  5. "I have a friend in Sweden."

"I have a friend in Sweden."

Translation:Tha caraid agam anns an t-Suain.

January 31, 2020



It's because Suain a) is feminine and b) begins with an s. Go see the lightbulb at Animals 2 - it's all explained there!


I don't understand where to find that lightbulb....


Only on the web based duolingo. You can access from a phone with your same account. Not sure why tips aren't displayed in the app, it feels like they are deliberately missing to cash in on people losing hearts from not understanding certain things.


Can anyone explain why there is a t before Suain ? Tapadh leat .


I put agam at the end of the sentence. It was marked wrong - presumably word order is important here?


Yes, that would mean "A friend is in my Sweden"


Tapadh leibh. When you put it like that, it is obvious! Part of the difficulty for English speakers is the sentence structure, also combined with the fact that in my head, agam equates to I have, when grammatically that’s not truly accurate. It’s fun though!


Even in English the concepts of "I have" and "it is mine" are very similar. It looks as if the word order is to indicate which one you have/is yours. "Caraid... agam" (having / my friend). "Suain... agam" (having / my Sweden)


How would you say "my freind is in sweden?" Is it the same sentence as i have a friend in sweden?


Tha mo charaid anns an t-Suain.


Perhaps "Tha an caraid agam anns an t-Suain" might work too.


I think that's what I wrote, twice!


I have a friend Sweden. It says typo and gives the word san which isn't on the list.

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