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Can a school add teachers?


I can use your help! Our school would like to have a general ‘admin’-account on schools.duolingo.com, then add teachers and students. Teachers can only see their own students and mangage their progress. Is that possible?

Thank you for your help and advise, Marlies from D-Teach (Belgium)

January 31, 2020


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Currently, to the best of my knowledge, and bearing in mind I am a volunteer, and this is only In My Opinion and experience.

The answer to this is no. And also that it will be unlikely in the short term. So I suggest we brain storm this for now.

I will ponder this. And see if I can see a work around. I do understand your need to do this.

I have worked in many organizations and many positions, including in Educational institutions.

And I will return to this.

Perhaps there could be a work around.

While not seamless, and within the Duolingo schools application.

It may be using something like a closed Google spreadsheet, or in a Slack community, and also may require the "sharing" of accounts. Or even if it occurs on something even safer ... , such as a written record held within the school. Be it based on concepts shared in another forum. Off internet resources, are of course far safer, even than firewalls, etc ... But that is another story.

Lets see how we can nut this out for the moment (or for a couple of days ...) And also depending on Duolingo's response to this issue. For as a GA, I am also bound. Though the greater bind, is my sense of duty and propriety. Both of wish I also see in Duolingo. Though different entities, of course have different concepts including in issues such as this.

And as always, I , and we, welcome the input from Duolingo staff.

Please though be aware, Duolingo staff are very committed to numerous projects, large and small. And that there is great forethought that goes into the things they seek to achieve on short term and long term basses.

And, perhaps someone else may come in with a suggestion in this regard.


Building on what daKanga is saying, an easy fix might be to have one of your Admins make an account and share the password among all the Admins. Then, have each student go to "settings" and then click on "progress sharing" and add the extra class code number.

I have several students taking two different languages, and I have been able to add them to two different classes of mine. So I know that this will work.

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Also, in relation to this issue, can I encourage you, and all other teachers to check out :


This is, I find, a very valuable resource to be part of, and will give you, and your schools, access to even more resources, as well as a community that co-fosters professional development in the Education field. Providing access also to individuals and resources world wide.

I hope I get to also see you there and share even more detailed resources.

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