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Could we just.. have more?

I would love to use Duolingo to learn way more Hindi words and phrases and idioms etc. It seems to me the Hindi language course here is rather short here when compared to, say, Russian.


January 31, 2020



Try the reverse tree--English from Hindi.


Hah that's funny, ok! :)


Common practice on this platform, actually. Search the forum for "reverse tree".


Thanks for the suggestion. Already in the first few lessons I'm seeing vocabulary and phrases not covered in the Hindi for English speakers course -- for example, "I'm sorry", "granddaughter", and "grandson".

I really do wish there were more audio to here, especially when doing the reverse tree from target language to your native language.

I also wish there were some audio input questions in the Hindi for English speakers course like I see in the English for Hindi speakers. Or did I miss out because I mostly did the Hindi for English speakers on my cell phone?


Duolingo has big trees only for popular Western European languages and Mandarin. The rest of the courses are rather lousy and short.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn the reverse tree's vocabulary is several times bigger in case of Hindi.


Yeah we need more. Please ask Vinay92. He's the mod. Comment and email Duolingo to update Hindi lessons. Let's start Crowd funding.


Having completed the Hindi (English) tree I had some resistance to doing the reverse tree but took the plunge and am finding it is a great way to strengthen weak spots and extend the vocabulary. I switch the listening off to avoid the listening & writing in English practice.

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