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I’ve Just Started Arabic, Any Tips?

Unfortunately my high school offers a mere three language courses. Those being Spanish, French, and Arabic. I’ve never been drawn to learning Spanish. Something about French I’ve never had a true desire for. So I’ve picked Arabic. And I’ve watched some videos about the language to get excited about learning it, and I must say that I am very ready and excited. High school isn’t until next school year but I want to get a head start on the language. I know learning Arabic will be hard. And going from Norwegian (One of the easiest for an English Speaker to learn) to Arabic (One of the hardest) will be a dramatic switch in my language learning process. But that’s alright! I’ve read the Arabic has many dialects. Does anyone know which dialect Duolingo teaches? Is there a best dialect to learn? How do I help solidify the alphabet that is unlike anything I have ever seen before into my memory? Is there anything I should know first before diving in? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

January 31, 2020



Hello! I'm Arabian by the way, and good luck for you.

Arabic has more than one dialect, because more than country speak it, I'll not dip in dialects, just the thing you have to know that there is a Standard form of Arabic, and this what is taught in all courses.. There's no teaching Arabic dialects in a school, the dialect been learned by speak and listen for people which speak it. So, you'll study Standard Arabic (Fus'ha "in Arabic").

I've made a post for a song to memorize the alphabet, it is not the best, but Arabs use it for their children to save the alphabet.. I wrote the words by Arabic, and I translated it to English in a link in the post.

My last tip, when you be learned the alphabet and vowels (something called "Harakat" in Arabic).. These are the important things to start writing, reading, speaking..

Remember, if you needed anything else just ask me, I'll be happy to help you:)


Duo is supposedly a mix of MSA with some elements of dialects mixed in.

The alphabet comes a bit slowly but you will learn it if you use other resources. The letters change depending on where they are in a word. And fonts make a lot of difference in how letters look.

I used an app called "Write It" by jernung and there are two very good youtube videos Alphabet Imran Alawiye, and Akmed from Arab American Cultural TV for learning the alphabet that talks about the letter "families"

There has been a lot of criticism of the duolingo course by native speakers and after taking other courses I too agree that this is not a good place to learn


Thank You for your advice! I’ll definitely use more resources than Duolingo. The alphabet seems scary right now but in time I know I can learn it. I’ll check out this Write It. Once again thank you!

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