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  5. Finally got my golden parrot……


Finally got my golden parrot… Oops, owl, of course...

So now I finished it. I started the Latin tree sometime in October or November and now I'm done with it. Of course, I had to finish every lesson to the max, so now I have a golden tree. YIPPIE!!!!!!! Anyway. What I actually wanted to say, is: Of all courses I ever made (not that many, I admit), the Latin one is by far the funniest, and on the contrary, the most disturbing one. I now have a totally new picture of Ancient Rome, with drunk, deceitful, villa-destroying parrots, priests descending from bridges that are probably on fire, happy drunk old men dancing in the atrium, stupid weasels that cannot climb into the sky, creepy bones-and-dolls-collectors, human-destroying and spearhurling gods, serial killers named Marcus etc etc. I learned that it is possible to make a bird drunk, and that you probably shouldn't go to dinner with an Ancient Roman, because you know, it's easy to mistake food with poop. The key thing about this useless comment (I only made it because of the tradition to make a post like this when you finished a course) is: Now, that I'm finished with the course, I absolutely crave for more, meaning I hope the course will leave the Beta Stadium soon. I just can't imagine living without my daily Latin lesson :-( ... If you share my opinion, please just put it in the comments (because I want to know if I'm the only one thinking that way). And I just wanted to thank you, Duo, for very many amusing moments I had while doing this course. I actually think about getting a parrot now. Or a weasel. (I haven't decided yet). Ave to you from @Schnueffi (or @Schnueffus, following the Roman footsteps)

January 31, 2020


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I agree it is fun and funny. I hope mars never hurls spears at your tent mates.


Agreed 100%. Eagerly awaiting an expansion of the course, and currently earning 20 Latin XP's per day just for practice and fun. . . . Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on earning your Golden Owl!


lol, I hope I never have to drink a deceit full parrot!!!


I think the new trophy looks more like a canary.

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