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Possessive suffixes

Hello everyone.

Before taking the course on Duolingo, I had started learning Arabic with another method teaching the unified modern Arabic.

In this method they use the suffixes -ka / -ki to translate your.
Ex. Your dog = Kalbouka

In Duolingo's lessons, they use the -ak / -ik suffixes.
Ex. Your dog = Kalbak

I also noticed this last form in Algerian songs.

Please, could someone explain me from which part of the Arab World each of these forms come from ? (or if there is any other kind of differences...)

Thank you in advance.

January 31, 2020

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In many spoken arabic dialects they use the shortened suffixes (the ak and ik)

The ka and ki is standard arabic. The ou sound between Kalb and ka.ki is the case ending and can change depending on the nouns function in the sentence.

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