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After 450 days, I finally finished Hindi tree at level 5 for all parts! Thanks for all the help!

For the past 450 days or so I've been doing either a review, fixing a broken egg, or something new and finally finished at level 5 for every step. I wanted to say thanks to those in the discussion sections who answered questions for me and those who had similar questions.

I can't say I'm fluent in any way, but I've got at least some of the basics and can get some rough context when people are speaking Hindi nearby as long as they are talking about apples, bananas, some animals, or things being hot or cold. The Duolingo course tree for Hindi is short. I also feel like I'm ready to perhaps try a tutor or in-person class in Hindi if I can find one nearby. :(

What would be nice to see is more "baby-talk" sentences all adjacent to each other, like

Is he/she/"the X" going to eat the sandwich(es)? He/she/"the X" will eat the sandwich(es). He/she/"the X" is eating the sandwich(es). He/she/"the X" has eaten the sandwich(es). He/she/"the X" ate the sandwich(es).

Are they/we/you are going to eat the sandwich(es)? They/we/you will eat the sandwich(es) . They/we/you are eating the sandwich(es). They/we/you have eaten the sandwich(es). They/we/you ate the sandwich(es).

... and so on.

I also wish there were the "stories" for Duolingo Hindi that you find in some of the other trees.

But for a community developing resource - I'm super happy to see sites like this bringing the world closer through communication and understanding when so many others seek to create divisiveness through fear, tribalism, attacks and isolationism.

January 31, 2020



Congratulations! You might consider doing the reverse tree. It has a lot more 'ordinary' stuff, conversation-wise, going on. Also, some added grammar. I'm doing it and apart from the occasional frustration about bad English translations, I am enjoying myself.


Thanks - I just found out about the reverse tree. I'll check it out.


Congratulations! I still have to go a long way... Hindi is so cool, damn. But its kinda sad that I can't learn Hindi from German to Hindi, because I'm actually a German...


assuming he pronoun below : क्या वह sandwich खाने वाला है? वह sandwich खायेगा। वह sandwich खा रहा है। उसने sandwich खा लिया । उसने sandwich खाया। क्या आप (you) sandwich खायेंगे? I will leave the rest as an exercise for you


Also you should pronounce वह as वो or वोह in conversation


Very cool! Congratulations! I want to learn Hindi too! I love bollywood movies! hahaha


Congrats, great achievement. Your last paragraph is inspirational, so shines a light in a weary world. Great post, excellent!


More than a year has passed and you are now level 24 in Hindi. Would you like to give us an update about your skills? Did you try the reverse tree? It would be great to read about your progress...!

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