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Help! I keep trying to log-in to DL and a box comes up saying my Explorer. Chrome or Firefox are ...

I got onto DL via other ways, but I keep getting a stupid warning saying my 'Internet explorer' ' 'Google Chrome' or 'Firefox' are 'out-of-date' and DL won't load.

If I try. for example. to 'upgrade 'Internet Explorer' it comes back with the message 'I already have a later version!' already. But won't let me procede to DL! I Use Safari anyway!

Can any computer-bods tell me what I need to do. It's a bit worrying! :(

July 8, 2014



Moving this to the troubleshooting section. What version of Safari are you using?


It's Safari 5.1.7 I think Internet Explorer is 6.11. But my only way into DL is now to go to Google, type in Duo and access it from there. Otherwise I just get this stupid screen telling me to upgrade my browser, and if I do this on Explorer, it comes back with "You already have a later version" and then, that's as far as I can get as it reverts to the same Upgrade Page, and won't go to DL, even though the DL page. is clearly in the background, with the trees at the bottom. Please help Kristin. :) xx


I am unsure as to the type of safari

no problems switching it to the firefox

I put the start page for my safari there

thanks all the best .. Jack


jackelliot If you click on the Safari button at the top of your screen and then on 'about Safari' it will tell you what version you are using e.g. I am using Version 5.1.10 (6534.59.10) :)


a bit tired to work it out but at least i can use another browser


yes, thank god for Firefox!


I posted this about half an hour ago in troubleshooting https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3632900$comment_id=3633611 - it happened to me too, hopefully they will fix whatever it is when they see that it affected lots of people!


Nearly just happened to me. A nearly blank page with only "support" on it came up, but when I opened another tab and opened the site, it worked.


eek! maybe one of us should email Duo - may get picked up quicker or are they normally good at fixing these things?


They're pretty good at fixing these things. A little bit of repair coding should do the trick...hopefully.


Hopefully...... :P


I am on the windows

just got the same message

changed from Safari to Firefox

so as to access Duolingo


Seems to be the second glitch in as many days for Duolingo. Can you try clearing your cache/cookies? Safari 7.0.3 is working for me (I have it set so I'm never logged out on my Mac).


Would you believe it! I just found your post in my e-mail in-box; Clicked on it to reply, and it took me straight to the stupid page telling me to upgrade Explorer, Chrome or Firefox! I want to use the F word now, but will refrain. I'm sure DL will sort it. I hope so. :)

But, for now...Can you give me (an old man) simple instructions as to how to clean my 'cache / cookies' I feel like a dinosaur, especially as I used to teach computer-stuff just a few years ago. lol xx

Alexis, I was sure you were on my list of friends, from ages ago, but you're not. Would you mind if I added you. Ciao Bella (I picked that expression up from the flirting bonus level. hahaha lol :) )


Alexis thanks. I have only been recently introduced to Safari, by a friend of my brother, but I eventually navigated to preferences and cleared all cookies, to no avail, I'm afraid. The 'thing' is sitting on a 'front end' DL page, but Kristin (Admin) at the top of this post has transferred my query to 'Technical' so hopefully it'll get fixed rapidly. At least I can still come in by the back door, so not all is lost :)


I am not getting a message, but am getting frozen / empty screens like others. I am on Windows 7 Firefox ESR (24.6.0). I can't do much of anything right now.


Same problem. I use Safari 5.1.10 and am told it's out of date, switch to IE, Chrome or FF. I have to open a separate browser (an old version of Firefox I usually never use). Would vastly prefer to not have to do that.


It looks like they've recently cut off access to Safari versions prior to 6. If getting the latest version isn't an option (you really shouldn't be running unsupported software!) you can try changing the browser agent string. Basically you lie to duolingo about the browser you're using. These were instructions I recently sent to someone else, I don't know if he had any luck:

Try following the instructions here and change the string to Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9) AppleWebKit/537.71 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/7.0 Safari/537.71. It might work.


I always happily plodded along with Internet explore until some 'friend' of my brother said you should get Safari. I'd never heard of it. I don't use it, but it somehow took over launching my DL. I think I'll just try to uninstall it! Thanks :)


Well I just uninstalled Safari and I now go straight to the login page, The Plus and the minus: I still have a safari Icon as my login Icon on my screen; The minus; I used to click on this, with no need to type in my e-mail addy, user name, or password, which was great as I only use DL on one machine, to which only I have access. But it's a small bugbear, compared to not getting on at all. so thanks ciao.


Wonder why they changed this? My laptop is only a few years old and apparently can't update anymore - haven't come across this problem on any other sites....

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