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"ʻO ʻAnakē Lani ka lūauʻi makuahine o koʻu hoa hānau."

Translation:Aunty Lani is the birth mother of my cousin.

January 31, 2020



Why can't biological mother be right?


They must have heard you. It accepted this 7/15/2020


Why isnʻt it makuahine lūauʻi? Isnʻt lūauʻi the descriptor of the noun makuahine?


In another place they say this is a kind of exception: the phrase [lūau'i makua...] means biological parent. We need to think of it as a single term, not a modified noun.


I don’t think it’s an exception, rather I think it’s a matter of understanding the Hawaiian mindset about family. According to Pukui and Elbert, it’s actually the other way around: lūauʻi is the noun. So makuahine is actually the modifier, I.e. instead of “natural mother” it’s actually something like “mother-role natural-parent.”


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