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query - extra exercises??

Have any extra exercises been added? Or am I imagining it? Which is perfectly possible. I have accessed all the topics, completely finished the first chunk, and the first four topics of part two. I've started all the rest, in a sort of succession - the next four I was sure I was well through the final level, with "4" and some progress showing, in about 60% complete, but three seem to have gone back to the start, no progress showing, and one, Hobbies, has gone back to the previous level "3". The next four I thought I was about to start the last level, so "4" had just come up on all of them, but they've all gone back to "3". I think the rest of them have stayed the same, with the next four showing half-way through "2" and the last four half-way through "1". Don't recall just what %-age I'd got to in them.

January 31, 2020



I've noticed the opposite thing happening. Two days ago, I had all of the sections of the first two stages at level 4 with 50%. Yesterday when I logged in I found almost all of them magically at level 5. Also, today it seems as if I'm levelling up faster between level 2 to 3 in the later stages, or in other words, for the same amount of work I'm now progressing faster through the tree.


Interesting, blogscot, this does suggest that something is going on in the background. Just doing a wee session, and noticed that one of the sections in the first part is no longer right up to "5". Hmm, curioser and curiouser - at least you're gaining by it, I seem to be losing again. :) AHHH! Just discovered something. I went to the latest one to seem to go backwards, and there is a message when I click on it "practice this skill to restore it", so it seems that if you've not done something for a while this is a way to refresh. But still, that can't be said for the sections I mentioned above, they were all touched on over a period of a couple of days. (and I really want to take an imaginary red pen to "practice"!! That ain't a verb, to me. He, he, he.)


This honestly sounds like a Duolingo bug as opposed to anything else. None of the new material we're working on has been released, as we'd have to release the whole tree and not just the odd skill or two. It's maybe worth having a wee look over on the Troubleshooting forum to see if anyone else is having a similar problem :)


I haven't noticed this. I noticed something slightly similar though.

Earlier on, when I was working a few skills ahead without finishing the earlier ones, I'd see the next level of one or more of the earlier skills had moved up above 0% even though I hadn't done anything to cause this. I thought that perhaps the lessons overlapped a bit and that by doing later ones I'd somehow been given "credit" on an earlier skill that used the same material. At this point I'm fairly sure I got quite a few crown levels completed with only four lessons. Advancement from a lesson seemed quite irregular.

Later though, this stopped and every new level was at 0% when I started. It always took five lessons to get the crown level done, with regular 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% stages. I also started to imagine that there were more questions per lesson, but I'm not absolutely sure about that. I saw it was 20 questions for the later lessons, I think.

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